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Speed Up your site
with WordPress Offload Media Plugin

Next3 Offload is a swift and intuitive WordPress offload media optimization plugin. The tool optimizes WordPress speed by offloading WordPress files from WordPress media library to Cloud including Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud and S3 Object Storage.

It automatically rewrites Media URLs and works lightning fast with Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare or other CDNs. The plugin also provides image compression in different formats including WebP.

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Introducing the new Next3 Offload

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The Most Effective WordPress Offload Media
Plugin to Optimize Your Site Speed

Next3 Offload is an exclusive WordPress offload media plugin that efficiently works on
optimizing your WordPress site by offloading the media files to Cloud storage
to create a fastest website and engage more visitors.

With a higher WordPress site speed comes the less bounce rate yielding a higher conversion rate.
This is imperative to provide a seamless website user experience.

Optimize Your Website to Get Better Results

Better Customer Engagement

A fast-loading website satisfies visitors and consumes less time to load. Optimal website speed contributes to a positive user experience, increasing customers' likelihood of buying the products from your site.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Holding a good position in a search engine enhances your website's popularity and attracts more organic traffic. So, to become a top-ranking website, you need to optimize your website speed to improve its search engine visibility.

Reduce the Bounce Rate and Improve Conversion Rate

A quick-loading website tempts visitors to explore all content, products and pages. That means they remain engaged on your website and increases the possibility of getting them to convert.

Improve Professionalism

A fast loading website shows that you take care of your website’s performance which improves your professionalism creating a positive impact on your visitor’s mind.

Are You Ready To Make Your Website Faster?

Offload your files to the cloud with the Offload WordPress plugin, making your site faster than ever.

Why Should You Offload Your Media Files?

Clean Server Space

Next3 Offload, the offload WordPress plugin, enables you to free up your website's local server space, resulting in a positive impact on website speed.

Load Page Faster by Using CDNs to Render Assets

Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, and other CDNs provide robust support in loading images, CSS, JS, and other assets more quickly. By offloading all the elements, your website is ready to load faster.

Take Backups for Media or Assets

Storing all elements and files in the Cloud reduces the space needed on your website's server as well as offers a backup option for offloaded files. So, you don’t have to be concerned about maintaining more media backups as the tool automatically clones all the media or assets.

Make Your Visitors Satisfied with Better Performance

A slow website can be frustrating, as visitors don't want to waste time loading a webpage for a long time. The more your site’s visitors become satisfied, the more you can contribute to having an enriched website that converts.

Next3 Offload is the Best Solution
to Speed up your Website

Offload Media and Other Assets Automatically

With Next3 Offload, you can enable this feature to make the plugin upload media files and other assets even when you’re sleeping.

Transfer Media Files and Rewrite the URL

Next3 Offload automatically transfers WordPress media files to Cloud services like Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage (upcoming), Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud and S3 Object Storage. It also rewrites media URLs and monitors the offloading process.

Setup Media Path

Next3 Offload not only allows you to create buckets but also enables you to add a prefix, year & month, object version, and rename the file name using toggle buttons.

Go Beyond with the Advanced Options

With advanced options, you can free up your local storage by automatically deleting the already offloaded media files. You can also create a badge to determine the number of total files you can automatically offload in one go.

Restore Files from the Cloud

Using a WordPress website optimization plugin like Next3 Offload, you can automatically store your files in the Cloud. You can delete the offloaded files from the local server storage and restore them again from the Cloud.

Have Full Control on Delivery Settings

Using the plugin's advanced delivery settings, you’ll enjoy the luxury of not just storing your media files but also employing your preferred CDN services to deliver your files. In addition, you can have the freedom to force the system to use an HTTPS protocol to provide media files.

Choose Your Preferred CDN to Deliver Media Forcibly

No matter which Cloud storage you’re using to store your media files, you can always stick to your preferred CDN to render the media files to your users with a single click.

Disable or Enable Delivery Cache

Disabling the delivery cache will allow your WordPress page or post to check and replace the local server URLs with the Cloud URLs, while enabling the delivery cache will render the files from the local server.

Optimize Your Images and Database

To optimize your images, it’s a must to compress them. Next3 Offload does it seamlessly offering controls like what degree you want to compress.

Enjoy Files Usability

Next3 Offload allows you to use Cloud files such as pages, posts, custom posts in the WordPress directory using the WordPress Media Library. The offloaded files in Cloud storage can be managed from your WordPress Media Library.

Compatibility with any theme, plugin or CDN

Next3 Offload is compatible with WooCommerce, EDD, BuddyPress, WP Rocket, WP Cache, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Elementor, Gutenberg Block Editor, WP Bakery, Oxygen Builder, Visual Composer, Yoast SEO, RankMath SEO, Imagify or any theme and plugin and any CDN services.

How Next3 Works?

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Offload Exiting Media


Rewrites URLs


Remove Files - Server


Speed Up Website

Are You Ready To Make Your Website Faster?

Offload your files to the cloud with the Offload WordPress plugin, making your site faster than ever.

Create a Lightning Fast Website by
Offloading Files to the Cloud

Offload your media files to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud and S3 Object Storage
and deliver them using those CDNs or using any fast and furious CDN storage.

Configure the Settings Quickly and Painlessly

The Next3 Offload plugin is simple to set up with your preferred Cloud storage. It only needs access keys to create and configure the storage buckets. Alternatively, you can explore your already-existing buckets and choose the one you want to utilize.

Setup is quick and painless.
Offload Your Existing Media to Cloud

Offload Your Existing Media to the Cloud

Next3 Offload Media plugin will offload all existing media files to Cloud storage. This user-friendly speed optimization plugin provides easy control and monitoring of the entire media offloading process.

Control Cloud Storage from WordPress Media Library

Next3 Offload controls offloaded WordPress Media Library files to seamlessly emulate native support for Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud Storage and S3 Object Storage.

To manage your files, you don't need to log into your Cloud. Rather, WordPress Media Library provides the facility where you can perform actions like copy files, delete files etc.

Control Cloud Storage from WP Media Library

Awesome Tools Operations

Seamlessly Switch between Cloud Providers

Next3 Offload will fully support you to switch to a different cloud storage provider. The files can be moved to the other provider by its built-in feature. Additionally, you can download files to WordPress and delete them from the old provider as needed.

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Monitor and Detect Progress with Graphs

Next3 Offload Media will offload all existing media files to Cloud storage. The Speed optimization plugin allows you to control and monitor the overall offloading media process in a very friendly way.

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Keep Your Server Clean

The speed optimization plugin Next3 Offload can clean up server storage space by removing media files that have already been offloaded to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud and S3 Object Storage.

Access these functionalities to control and monitor the removing files process to get your required results.

History Overview

General Options: Offload Media and Copy to Local Server

'Offload Media' automatically copies uploaded media files to the cloud, and 'Copy to Local Server' brings cloud-stored files back to the local server when uploaded via Next3 File Manager.

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Offload Existing CSS Files

Access this feature with a single button to minify and offload your site’s CSS files for optimizing your site speed and see the progress with a percentage calculator.

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Offload Existing JS Files

You can easily offload and minify your site’s JS files to optimize your site with a single button. You can get to see a progress calculation just like CSS file offload.

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Compress Existing Local Images and Convert in WebP

Compress the images of your site as well as convert the images into WebP format. No need to compress the images individually from other sites. Do it with a single button and get to see the compression and offloading progression with an automatic calculator.

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Are You Ready To Make Your Website Faster?

Offload your files to the cloud with the Offload WordPress plugin, making your site faster than ever.

Importance Tools Settings

Control Image Compression and Offloading

Image compression will support you to compress all the inserted images at a time. So as a user, you don’t need to individually compress the images before adding the images to your site.

Enable this option to start the image compression process for any uploaded images down the line. Also, you can set whether to compress and offload the future images or the existing ones on your local server.

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WebP Image Converter

WebP is a next generation image format from Google and is supported by modern browsers. This image format dramatically reduces the size of standard image formats while keeping the quality intact.

Enabling this feature, you can convert your site's images into WebP format. Again, you can choose whether to convert the future ones.

History Overview

Have Full Control of Assets Loader

The Assets Loader setting will offer a number of options such as whether you want to exclude specific CSS or JS files, overwrite offloaded files, minify them and add Object versions.

Booking Summary

Database Optimization

You can clean up your database once a week by accessing this feature. Your site’s page, posts, comments and transients will be deleted automatically once a week. So you can free up your database storage.

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Migrate from WP Offload Media to Next3 Offload

Did you know you can effortlessly migrate to Next3 Offload from WP Offload Media? All it takes is to hit a button to start migrating the images and you’re done!

Next3 Offload will use the same file location regardless of the Cloud service you use in WP Offload Media.

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Next3 Offload is Compatible with The
Following Third-Party Plugins

WooCommerce logo


A WooCommerce website may have an ocean of product images. But Next3 Offload can compress and offload them automatically and speed up your website most efficiently.

ACF logo

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Next3 Offload fully supports the media fields of ACF and can automatically optimize and offload them to boost your website speed.

Elementor logo


Next3 Offload can access any Elementor-built page’s images to compress, offload and rewrite their new URL path, keeping all your worries at bay.

Easy Digital Downloads logo

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

An EDD website may have an ocean of product images. But Next3 Offload can compress and offload them automatically and speed up your website most efficiently.

Divi Builder logo

Divi Builder

Next3 Offload can access any Divi-built page’s images to compress, offload and rewrite their new URL path under the hood.

WPML logo

WordPress Multi Lingual Plugin (WPML)

You can easily translate Next3 Offload to your native language (Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German, Irish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Thai and many more) with our dedicated options.

W3 Total Cache logo

Integrates with Any Caching Plugin

If you’re using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Cache Enabler, or Hyper Cache, Next3 Offload can seamlessly integrate with them.

Enable Media Replace logo

Enable Media Replace

Next3 Offload has an embedded feature to replace the URL of offloaded files. So, it’s all the same whether you activate or deactivate the Enable Media Replace plugin or not.

BuddyBoss logo


With this integration, your website media files can be offloaded and served on your BuddyBoss-powered website.

WP Rocket logo

WP Rocket

You can use Next3 Offload and WP Rocket in tandem to optimize media files to decrease the website’s loading time and improve your PageSpeed score.

BuddyPress logo


With this integration, your website media files can be offloaded and served on your BuddyPress-powered website.

Compatible with S3 Objects Storage Providers

We offer easy-to-follow instructions for setting up a S3 Objects Storage or CDN when you’re ready
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DigitalOcean logo


Bunnynet logo


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IDrive e2




OVH Cloud






Storj DCS


Google Cloud

ibm cloud

IBM Cloud







Are You Ready To Faster Your WordPress Site?

Offload your files to the cloud with the Offload WordPress plugin and make
your site faster than ever

Feature Comparison

  • Features

    WP Offload Media
    Next3 Offload
  • Ontime-payment
  • Product price
    $1,199 /Yearly
    $449 /Lifetime
  • Unlimited offload media files to cloud
  • S3 Objects Storage Supported like (UpCloud, MinIO, Backblaze, Azure, Vultr, IDrive, Google Cloud, and many more)
  • SVG file upload to WP media and offload to cloud
  • Software updates - lifetime
  • Free support via email, live - lifetime
  • Offload your existing media library
  • Image comparison, backup and restore original files
  • WebP converter and restore
  • Assets(CSS, JS) offload
  • Minify assets(CSS, JS) before offload
  • Individual assets(CSS, JS) offload
  • Database optimization
  • Individual offload existing media
  • Cloud file manager and connect multiple cloud providers
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Compatible with WPML

The speed optimization plugin Next3 Offload supports multiple countries and definitely works with WPML. As a result, adopting directed marketing strategies can make customers from all over the world feel more at ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a fresh WordPress installation, it’s no. But over time as your site grows, it tends to become slower. To make your WordPress website faster you can use media optimization and offloading tool like Next3 Offload.

To offload WordPress media files to cloud storage, you can install and activate the plugin Next3 Offload on your admin dashboard. Then create an account or log in to the cloud storage provider to collect the API keys. Insert the keys in the required field of Next3 Offload. After that, you will get all the features to offload media files. You can go through our documentation, video tutorials or blog to learn about the offloading files process.

You can use four Cloud storage providers: Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Bunny CDN, Wasabi and S3 Object Storage. We’re also bringing Google Cloud to integrate with Next3 Offload. You can follow our instructions and detailed documentation to access any of these storage providers.

Most people store files in cloud storage providers to speed up their website by reducing the load on WordPress Media Library. It also helps them to have a backup of all files.